Application for Membership

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To better serve our prospective members, companies seeking active AdvaMed membership must complete and submit a membership application and dues certification form online. Once the application has been approved, the company will be contacted by an AdvaMed representative, at which time, membership dues will become payable.

Information provided by the company in the application and in the dues certification is completely confidential.

Active Membership Eligibility Guidelines

AdvaMed membership is open to businesses and corporations only.

Any company that through itself or its subsidiaries is significantly engaged in the manufacture for sale in the United States of medical devices, diagnostic products, medical information systems or components is eligible for membership in the Association.

Several types of manufacturing qualify a company for membership:

  • Physically producing a medical device, diagnostics product, medical information system or component in the company's own production facility.
  • Assembling, packaging or sterilizing medical devices, diagnostic products or components for sale in the United States, resulting in changing the generic identity or functional characteristic of the finished product from that of the purchased parts.
  • Designing, developing, controlling or selling a medical device, diagnostic product,medical information system or component that is physically produced for sale in the United States in a contract plant that does not make identical devices for others. (Excludes minor modification, for example, size, shape, color, such that substantially the same product is available from others.)
  • Engaged in research and development of medical devices, diagnostic products or medical information systems. Research and development means product development or clinical trials are being conducted to result in the manufacture of medical technology products for sale in the United States. (Intent to manufacture must be demonstrated by objective criteria, including assignment of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) facility registration number or an Investigational Device Exemption number, the submission of a Premarket Approval module or such other criteria.)

Note: For the purpose of eligibility, medical devices, diagnostic products and medical information systems include products so defined by U.S. law or so classified by the FDA, including both finished products and components. Component products are defined as those specifically designed for use in medical devices or diagnostic products for sale in the United States, usually incorporating characteristics that limit their use to the medical device or diagnostic product market.

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Associate Membership Eligibility Guidelines

Associate membership is available to professional service firms that support the medical device industry and wish to gain unique benefits of membership in the largest and most effective medical technology trade association in the world. Eligible associate members include, but are not limited to, firms in the following sectors:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Consulting
  • Economic Development
  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Venture Capital Firms

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